Digital Marketing For Better Future:

Digital Marketing Marketing is a technique used for promotion activity(Promote any business or services) or sharing information. Digital Marketing |Internet Marketing depends on the internet. Without the internet none of these things we operate. In this method easily share the data or connect to your audience. As an example, if you are a website developer or Design agency with the help of the internet you reach your target audience. Digital Marketing |Internet Marketing we call other names like Online Marketing and Internet Marketing. Online Marketing word used in the UK. Internet Marketing word used in the USA. Digital Marketing word used in India Maximum. Digital Marketing For Better Future only works on the growth of business and services.

History of Digital Marketing

The time was 1971, where Ray Tomlison sent the very first email. The man set the platform to send and receive files and messages. Easily send big data through the machine. Digital Marketing For Better Future History is interesting.

In the 1990’s start journey of digital marketing and popular personal computers. Now working on server/client architecture. Customer relationship management (CRM) application became a significant part of marketing technology. After knowing these management companies directly connect to his clients easily. Company Directly find the response about product or services.

Digital Marketing For better Future mid part

First Clickable Banner ad being going live 1994. Which was “you will” Campaign by AT&T. First Four Months going live, 44% of all people who saw and clicked on the Ad.

Next time starts, more and more users shift on the internet. The Year of 2000 I Phone birth year. More customers searching his required things on the internet. A survey 2000 on the united kingdom Most retailers do not connect domains its next problem on the internet. For market development how can raise new satirizes another problem.

Digital Marketing For better Future go Modern Age

Start Marketing Automation in 2007 solves market development problems. Marketing Automation Helped Companies segment launch multichannel Marketing campaigns and provide personal information for customers. However, the speed of its adaptability to customer devices was not fast enough.

Starting Years Digital Marketing

2000 to 2010 Digital Marketing is more sophisticated. After Coming Social media platforms Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube capable of accessing digital media led to sudden growth. Use of social media users highly dependent on this platform. Say like without internet life is not easy. When maximum traffic on these platforms Marketing is going in an easy way.

People Knowing About Digital Marketing

Now 2010 to 2015 Expansion of digital marketing is good. All sectors covered by internet marketing. On these platforms, A company easily searches his target audience. For example, you have an educational institute you provide education about IIT-jee and medical. you easily target your audience on Facebook Instagram Linkedin Twitter and promote your services.

From 2015 to 2020 more Change of marketing strategies. Everything depends on the internet. You Feel hungry need some food go  Zomato and order your needful thing. Companies give more relaxation in their product. For example, if you ordered two shirts on Amazon you pay for two shirts 1200 you got cashback on your Paytm 300. If you go buy in a store you didn’t find these types of offers. So, its easy and low cost for consumers.

Digital Marketing another way we call “Internet Marketing” or “Online Marketing” or “Web Marketing” but Famous Digital Marketing. The UnitedStates uses internet marketing. In Italy, most people Use Web Marketing. Most Popular term is Digital marketing worldwide people use this word.

Digital Marketing For better Future New Approach

In the case of marketing we first thing we find where is our targeting audience. Identify your audience easily where they meet? After the internet people shifted on the mobile. Numbers of million and trillion people shifted on the internet. Finally, companies or service providers thinking about these marketing approaches. Huge Audience shifted on YouTube lets start youtube marketing. Take an example for explaining this line If you are a student you got problems in your math subject you go to youtube write your problems on the search page you find many videos on a single type of question, also find how can easy to solve your question. Means if you are a youtube channel you find a regular audience on your channel and your audience finds his/her question answer. Here this type of audience you create because you have good knowledge about your topics.

Digital Marketing For better Future Start Build More Audience

Another institute that is working on big platforms of next-level education runs ads on your youtube channel.

Like the above different types of platforms here, have trillions of users on his webpage. Our next option to approach Facebook to catch a huge audience. For example, you have an account on Facebook you just thinking about I need to purchase a mobile, you find some offers on another e-commerce website you click and redirect on their website. You read all of the information finally you satisfy your required product. You are a company and need to promote your business. Go to facebook select your topic brand awareness and run your ads.

The expansion of knowledge and awareness of any type of content on these platforms Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tik Tok. Here you also expand your business and your services.

Digital Marketing For better Future Brand Awareness

Engaging customers on social media to inform them about your brand. Easy to access fast rate through the use of Digital Communications. Most useful social media platforms Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, Instagram & Pinterest. These platforms easy access, internet marketing based on these platforms. It’s multi-channel marketing you expand your business awareness all over the world in an easy way. If Consumers want interested in your business or your services easy to communicate with your product or your services.

Competitive Strategies of Digital Marketing

If you are a company you promote your self. You Easily Grow Here spending some time on social networks. You easily make your presence on social networks making an account. Social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest. See these strategies with an example make a page on your Facebook account and day by day work on this page a few days later you find you connect some new customers who know about your business. That’s the reason for growing this industry. As usual, you work on other social platforms like Linkedin you promote your business easily. You Compete with your Similar  Company. Digital Marketing For Better Future competition increases.

Digital Marketing For better Future Importance of Internet Marketing

Awareness of your product to your targeted audience or consumers’ main role play internet marketing. You were aware of your product to your customers like what is your product and what purpose you solve in your products. Directly Communicate with your customers take the review to your customers before launching your product or services. Also, taking review after launching your product or services.

Digital Marketing For better Future Channels Of Digital Marketing

In the case of Digital Marketing, multiple Channels are there. Whose help with improving your business and services. Multiple Channels are:-

1- Search Optimisation (SEO)

In this Channel, we rank on Google Search Engine Result Page. It’s Organically Where we use different types of techniques. When we use Techniques take some time for ranking on Google SERP page. Search Engine Optimization is totally unpaid. Here you work on your content whose rank on google some specific keyword. Digital Marketing For Better Future focuses on SEO.

2- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In this Channel promotion of our webpage content Visibility of a website. Its paid process SERP page for a specific keyword. If you want to work on some specific keyword you pay some money to google you rank on google’s first page. If you rank on google’s first page your content visibility and readability increase.

3-Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media optimization is a platform where we promote our website. Different parts of Social Media Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Tumbler. Easy make pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and promote your business and services.

4- Social Media Marketing

It’s not free its paid-for the promotion and finds the quick result. Social Media Marketing works on paid tools if you want visibility of your content Quickly you go through this marketing.

5- Affiliate Marketing

Here we choose another platform for the Promotion of our business or services. We select the maximum audience web page viewer. if a website per day 2000 visitors search this website here we give our website link if anyone interested click on our link and redirect our website. Digital Marketing For Better Future more options find in affiliate marketing.

6- Online Public Relations

This type of marketing works on public view. let’s take an example you have or anyone has youTube channel their subscriber in lakhs. YouTube channel owners promote any type of business. If the video length is Five minutes you promote your business or services starting of video or mid-time of video or end of the video. Its trending strategies.


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