Future Continuous

Future Continuous Tense Structure And Examples

Future Continuous Tense Structure And Examples

Future continuous:-  रहगा, रहगी, रहेगे

Structure:- subject+will/shall+be+1st verb+ing+object

Remember points:-

  1. Future continuous end in से रह गा, से रही गी, से रहे गे
    And we use The translation is done in English after the 1st form after the will be/ shall be.
  2. In negative sentences and before the present participle we use “shall not be” or “will not be”.
  3. In question sentence (interrogative sentences) “shall’ or “will” we use before a subject and ” be” used after a subject.
  4. Future continuous four-step in this tense like all tense such as a simple, negative, question, question negative
Future Continuous

{Future Continuous}

Structure:- subject+will/shall+be+1st verb+ing+object


  1. हम कल के बाद वार्षिक परीक्षा लेंगे:-we shall be taking the annual examination day after tomorrows.
  2. वह खेल रही होगी:- she will be playing.
  3. मैं कल वहां जाऊंगा:-i shall be going there tomorrow.

{Future Continuous}

Structure:- subject+will/shall+not+be+1st verb+ing+object


  1. वह कल पार्क में नहीं खेलेंगे।:-she will not be playing in the park tomorrow.
  2. मैं कल इस समय घर नहीं जाऊंगा:-I shall not be going home at this time tomorrow.
  3. वह इस समय घर नहीं जाएगी:-she will not be going home at this time.

{Future Continuous}

Structure:- will/shall+subject+be+1st verb+ing+object.


  1. क्या वह इस समय घर जा रही होगी?:-will she be going home at this time.
  2. क्या वह कार्यालय में मेरा इंतजार कर रहा होगा?”-will he be waiting for me in the office?
  3. क्या वह पार्क में खेल रहा होगा?:-Will he be playing in the park?

{Future Continuous}
D.Questions Negative:-

Structure:- will/shall+subject+not+be+1st verb+ing+object.


  1. क्या हम दिल्ली में नहीं रहेंगे?:-shall we not be living in Delhi?
  2. क्या वह विदेश नहीं जाएगा?-will he not be going abroad?
  3. क्या आप उसे बार-बार नहीं देख रहे होंगे?:-will you not be seeing him time and again?

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