Past Indefinite Tense

Past Indefinite Tense Structure With Examples

Past Indefinite Tense Structure With Examples

Past Indefinite Tense
किया, दिया, पिया,

Structure:- Subject+2nd form verb+ object

Remember Points:- 

  • when working in past then we use 2nd form of a verb. 
  • In a negative sentence we use “did not” after subject and “first form of the verb.
  • Past indefinite four-step in this tense 1. Simple 2. Negative 3. Question 4. Question Negative. The past indefinite also know as simple past tense. This tense describes what happened in the past.
  • Past indefinite tense structure:- :- Subject+2nd form verb+ object.
  • Educationxprt website learn you tenses in a very easy way, and you know that what is Tense through this post.
Past Indefinite Tense

[Past Indefinite Tense}

Structure:- Subject+2nd form verb+ object


  1. मैंने खाना खाया- I ate the food.
  2. उसने अपना काम पूरा कर लिया- she finished her work.
  3. उसने मुझे गाली दी- he abused me.

{Past Indefinite Tense}

Structure:- Subject+ did not+1st form verb+object


  1. मैं विद्यालय नहीं गया- I did not go to school.
  2. मैंने खाना नहीं खाया- I did not eat food.
  3. मैं कल उनसे नहीं मिला था- I did not meet him yesterday.

{Past Indefinite Tense}

Structure:- did+subject+1st form verb+ object


1.क्या आप कल उनसे मिले थे?- did you meet him yesterday?

2. क्या वे स्कूल गए थे?- did they go to school?

3. क्या आप उसे देखने गए थे?- did you go to see him off?

{Past Indefinite Tense}
D.Questions Negative:-

Structure:- Structure:- did+subject+not+1st form verb+ object

1.क्या आप उसे देखने नहीं गए थे?- did you not go to see him off?

2. क्या वह नहीं चला?- did he not walk?

3. क्या वे स्कूल नहीं गए?- did they not go to school?

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