Past Perfect Continuous Tense Rules

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Rules

Past perfect continuous
से रहा था, से रही थी, से रहे थे
Structure:- subject+had been+1stverb+ing+object+since/for

Remember Points:- 

  • past perfect continuous end in this से रहा था, से रही थी, से रहे थे
  • Involves work that has been started and finished in the work past. 
  • past perfect continuous tense four-step in this tense 1. Simple 2. Negative 3. Question 4. Question Negative.
  • Easy way to learn past perfect continuous tense only on this website post.
  • In this tense shows that an action started in the past continuous up until another time in the past. And improve your skills through this website.
Past Perfect Continuous

{Past Perfect Continuous}

Structure:- subject+had been+1stverb+ing+object+since/for

Past Perfect Continuous EXAMPLE:-

  1. मैं 2 दिनों से काम कर रहा था- I had been working for 2 days.
  2. ट्रेन दो घंटे से चल रही थी- the train had been running for two hours.
  3. 7 दिनों से बारिश हो रही थी- its rain had been raining for 7 days.

{Past Perfect Continuous}

Structure:- subject+had+not+been+1stverb+ing+object+since/for

Past Perfect Continuous EXAMPLE:-

  1. 7 दिनों से बारिश नहीं हुई थी-its rain had not been raining for 7 days
  2. वह कई दिनों से मुझे पत्र नहीं लिख रहा था- he had not been writing a letter to me for many days
  3. वह कई दिनों से कॉलेज नहीं जा रही थी- she had not been going to college for many days

{Past Perfect Continuous}

Structure:- Had+subject+been+1stverb+ing+object+since/for


1.क्या वह 8 अक्टूबर से अपने काम पर जा रहा था?- had he been going at his work since 8 October?

2. क्या वह 2 दिनों से यह लेख लिख रहा था?- had he been writing this article for 2 days?

3. क्या 2 दिन से बारिश हो रही थी?- had it been raining for 2 days?

{Past Perfect Continuous}
D.Questions Negative:-

Structure:- Had+subject+not+been+1stverb+ing+object+since/for


  1. क्या 2 दिनों से बारिश नहीं हो रही थी?-had it not been raining for 2 days?
  2. क्या वह 21 अगस्त से बाजार नहीं जा रही थी?-had she not been going market since 21 August?
  3. क्या वे कई दिनों से खाना नहीं खा रहे थे?- had they not been eating food for many days?

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